We contribute to increase corporate competitiveness through searching and introducing key talent to companies, thereby contributing to the national growth.
  1. As an HR partner based on trust and professionalism, we adhere to the global standards for corporate ethics    and contributions to the development of our corporate clients.
2. We enhance the value of candidates through in-depth assessment of competencies.
3. We develop and supply solutions which are helpful for the candidates¡¯ career development.
4. We endeavor to provide candidates with opportunities to become global key talent.

Since established in July 1995, EM Consulting is a well-versed executive search firm pursuing for the growth of quality rather than quantity in comformity with the off-limit policy. We are proud of a long-term partnership with our corporate clients.

Our corporate clients mainly include the Fortune 500 multinational corporations, joint ventures, and financial institutions.

EM Consulting is a professional group to make best efforts for our clients based on the corporate ethics.

Our main business includes;

  1) Executive search service as a recruiting partner; search/recommend key talent for our corporate clients that    are mostly leading companies in their industries.
2) Employee assessment service
3) Career consulting/career development service for candidates